3 Serials in 2023 – Every Tue at 9:00 am for 10 weeks
Serial 1 – Starting Jan 17 to Mar 21, 2023
Serial 2 – Starting Apr 4 to Jun 6, 2023
Serial 3 – Starting Sept 19 to Nov 21, 2003

This is ideal for business owners and leaders who want to develop their leadership skills. Xtreem Leadership is not a leadership course, rather it is a Leadership Developmental Process.

What is a Developmental Process? Unlike traditional training methods where you would attend a course or seminar for a day or a few days, get a fancy binder and take notes with some one facilitating. This Developmental Process is interactive, with you the participant executing your learnings during the week after each meeting and receiving feedback.

This Development process provides you with the knowledge and skills to align your employees with your objectives, develop engaged employees, reduce employee turnover, increase customer experiences and improve your profitability. 

Success starts with the leaders. Start becoming a 21st century leader today to  grow your business and change your life.


Included in this offer, each participant will have a 1 on 1 personal business coaching session during the 10-week Development Process and access to an additional personal coaching session within 3 months after the training.

COST: One time of $1067 or 3 payments of $397. The initial payment will be at time of registration and the two additional payments will be at 30 and 60 days. 

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