Elevate your business to the next level.​

At Advantage we have two certified business and leadership coaches. If you are looking to grow your business, build a better team or manage your time more effectively we are here to help you.

Coaching is about improving performance and getting improved results.

A few signs you may want to engage a coach are:

• You may be unsure of the next steps​

• You may be exhausted by the business​

• You are finding it difficult to hire the right people​

• You are wrestling with Cashflow & Growth​

• Lack of Focus​

• Employees that are not engaged​

• Have poor business performance​

• Feeling stuck with little or no growth

• You want an accountability partner​

• You want to be a better communicator​

• You need help setting clear & focused goals​

• You struggle with time management​

• You need to increase performance and revenue​

• You want to improve your leadership skills​

• You want to improve your manager(s) leadership skills


One-on-One Coaching

The total focus is on you and your business growth. Coaching sessions can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The amount of time is totally dependent on what and how quickly you want to achieve your goals.​

Group Coaching​


Group Coaching​

MentorGROUP is a twice monthly program for small groups of up to 5 non-competing business owners.

Executive Coaching & Team Development ​

The focus is on you as a leader or your management team as a group of leaders. Your people are the only sustainable competitive advantage, investing in your leadership and workforce is clear.

One Off Business Advisory

Not every business owner is ready for a formal coaching program, and that's where an advisory service can provide valuable support. It offers the flexibility to seek advise and guidance on a case-by-case basis, providing support tailored to the specific challenges and potential opportunities of your business.

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