10X Your personal & business growth potential by joining a MentorGROUP

Exchange Knowledge, solve your challenges and identify opportunities from a group of business owners and a certified business and leadership coach.​

MentorGROUP Business & Leadership Development​

A twice monthly program for small groups of up to 5 non-competing business owners.

MentorGROUP is for those business owners and leaders that may find the Advantage Coaching & Consulting 1 on 1 coaching experience too much of a stretch and/or if you would value sharing learning with 1 to 4 other business owners MentorGROUP is likely to be the perfect solution for you.​

Ask anyone at the highest level of success, and they will tell you they did not achieve success alone. Many top athletes, entertainers and business people have excellent mentors to show them the way. There are numerous ways out there to help you, and one powerful opportunity is by joining a MentorGROUP.

MentorGROUP allows you to:​

  • Create a clear plan for your business growth.​

  • Gain Access to business growth strategies & tactics.​

  • Accelerate your business success through world class mentoring and mastermind activities.​

  • Develop in a diverse group of growth-minded business owners.​

  • Network and share business contacts​

  • Share your ideas.​

  • Elevate your skills.​

  • Get support.​

  • Celebrate your success and learn from the successes and challenges of others.​

  • Acquire new business & leadership skills.​

  • Collaboratively solve your business challenges in a friendly and supportive environment.

Each MentorGROUP provides up to a 20+ minutes of business coaching specifically on your business. The program delivers the typical sounding-board and knowledge benefits, which large companies gain through a Board of Directors, but excludes the typical time and money expense of a Board of Directors.​

Investment $567 + GST per month or pay for the full 12 Months $5997 + GST and save 12%

Additional Bonuses included in your investment​:

  • Full access to Quarterly Planning days (4 per year)​

  • Your own Personality Profile Analysis using DISC tools​

  • One-On One Business Planning Session, giving you the framework for your first 12 months Strategic Action Plan​

  • Choose from 2 mentors and times

Your Mentors​

Jon Anderson MA Leadership

Certified Business & Leadership Coach​

Peter Lepinski BADmin CD

Certified Business & Executive Coach